Contao News Twitter Sync

This extension allows to automatically import tweets from your Twitter profile as news entries. It also enables you to automatically post news entries on your Twitter profile. This allows you to keep your Twitter profile in sync with a news archive.


In order to be able to access Twitter's API, you need to create a Twitter App. This App needs to be configured in a certain way, so that the extension can actually access the API. Within your Contao installation you will then simply provide the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.


Each news archive can be connected to a Twitter profile. You can then enable to automatically fetch tweets and import them as news archives, or you can choose in each news entry you created in your Contao installation whether it should be automatically posted as a tweet.

Pricing and licensing

We currently charge a one time fee of € 200,- (excl. 20% tax) per Contao instance. You will receive a custom repository URL for your composer.json with which you can then install this extension. Note: this is compatible with the Contao Manager and the Resolver Cloud. You will then receive updates for free for the current major version at the time of your purchase.