Contao News Sync

This extension can be useful if you want to either

The latter is often used when relaunching a site, without copying the whole old content. Except for the news entries, which should be transferred to the new Contao installation.

This can seamlessly be used between Contao 3 and Contao 4.


Once installed in all Contao instances, you'll have the following options within your news archives:

Options to define a news archive as source or target for synchronisation

Within the source Contao instance, you can enable any news archive to be available as the source for synchronisation.

Within the target Contao instance, you can then define the following options:

Target options for synchronisation

The Source URL is of course the URL to the source Contao instance. Once that is defined and you save the news archive setting, the available archives are fetched from the source URL. Then you will be able to select the available news archives which are to be imported into this archive.

Of course, if you want to actually synchronise the news between the Contao instances, then you will enable both options accordingly.

For more information see the documentation.

What is being synchronised?

All the regular content of each news entry is being synchronised, including:

Furthermore, if you use insert tags for link targets etc., they will be resolved and will usually link to their original site.

If you are using the codefog/contao-news_categories extension, then news categories can be synchronised too - though only a flat hierarchy at the moment.

Pricing and licensing

There will be a one time fee of € 200,- (excl. 20% tax) two synchronise two Contao instances. Any additional Contao instance will be charged with € 150,- (excl. 20% tax). You will receive a custom repository URL for your composer.json with which you can then install this extension. Note: this is compatible with the Contao Manager and the Resolver Cloud. You will then receive updates for free for the current major version at the time of your purchase.